Hart-T-Tree Farms takes pride in the growth and preservation of all of our Christmas trees. We offer premium quality trees that have been meticulously maintained and cared for. Since we were retailers before we were growers, our farming practices were developed with the retail customer in mind. We know that it takes the finest quality tree to make money on the retail level. We will not sell you any tree that we would not sell on one of our own retail lots.

It is also important to us to be responsible stewards of our land. We honor our land by using reasonable farming practices and keeping chemical usage at a minimum.

  • We cut, bale, load and ship within 72 hours. Our trees do not sit in a loading yard for days on end.
  • We butt-prune our trees, so that they are “retail-ready” when you receive them.
  • We shake our trees before baling them (weather permitting), leaving most of the debris that is caught in the branches in the field. This allows for tighter baled trees, more trees on a truck, and less trash on your customer’s floor at Christmas time.
  • We employ experienced trimmers who carefully trim the trees to promote maximum fullness and shape.
  • We apply calcium nitrate to the harvestable trees in the fall to keep the tree healthy and the color vibrant.
  • We use eco-friendly materials when spraying our trees which decreases the need for an abundance of chemicals.
  • We arrange freight with an experienced trucking company that will ship trees in refrigerated or enclosed trucks. We guarantee that rates will be reasonable.

Please contact us for a current price list. All trees are shipped F.O.B. from Grassy Creek, North Carolina. TERMS: 25% deposit down by September 15 to insure order. Balance COD unless you have been approved for credit. All trees will be butt-pruned and baled in twine.

To qualify for wholesale pricing, you must order a minimum of 100 trees.


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At Hart-T-Tree Farms, we pride ourselves on the quality and freshness of our trees, wreaths, and garland. We trim our trees with special care, following the natural form of the tree, so that they are full and shapely. Rather than stockpiling trees weeks in advance, we ship our trees within 72 hours of being harvested, so that our customers receive a beautiful, farm fresh Christmas Tree.


Fraser Fir

The “Cadillac” of Christmas Trees, Fraser firs are popular for their bluish-green color, excellent needle retention, pleasant scent, and strong branches capable of holding heavy ornaments. The tree has springy branches that cascade downward, creating the perfect platform to decorate your tree.

The Fraser Fir was named for John Fraser, a Scottish botanist who explored the southern Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina in the late 1700’s. The species is sometimes called Southern balsam or Southern balsam fir. Locally, Fraser fir is known as “She balsam” because of the resin filled blisters on the tree’s trunk. Red spruce, often associated with Fraser fir, is called “He balsam” and lacks the distinctive blisters. In many respects, the Fraser Fir and the Balsam Fir are quite similar; some botanists even suggest that the two were once the same species, differing only in their geographical dispersion. The Appalachian mountains are the only seed source for Fraser fir, which is why it grows best at in the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia.

Hart-T-Tree Farms Fraser firs are brought to you fresh from their native mountain home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Ashe County, North Carolina.  There is nothing quite like a North Carolina Fraser Fir.  We are confident it will be the perfect addition to your Christmas season.

Our Fraser firs are graded premium and #1.  We have #2 grade available as well.  Our trees range in size from 4 to 13 feet.



Tabletops are a perfect choice for individuals and families that want a real tree, but don’t have space for a full-sized Fraser fir.  Fraser firs are noted for their bluish-green color, excellent needle retention, and sturdy branches.

Hart-T-Tree Farms Tabletops come with an optional plastic, molded stand that is sturdy and leak-proof.  Easy to set up, decorate, and recycle, Tabletops are also a wonderful idea for offices, classrooms, nursing homes, etc.

Tabletops are graded premium/#1 and #2.  They range in size from 2 to 4 feet.



Our wreaths are handcrafted in the mountains of North Carolina by experienced wreath-makers.  We use home-grown Fraser fir boughs to make our wreaths, ensuring that our wreaths are fresh and beautiful. With their natural, evergreen aroma, and excellent needle retention, our wreaths will put you in the holiday spirit.

We offer plain Fraser Fir and Fraser Fir/White Pine mixed wreaths in 12”, 16”, 24”, 36”, or 48” sizes. 


Concolor Fir

Concolor firs make great Christmas Trees because of their unique color (bluish-green needle with white underside), good needle retention, and a pleasing citrus-like aroma.

Concolor firs (or White firs) are native to the western United States and can be found from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and New Mexico to the Coast Range in California and Oregon. They are often planted among evergreens to offset the darker evergreen color.  The Concolor Fir grows further south than any North American fir species and is also the most drought tolerant. This later trait may be the reason it has the best needle retention of any species commonly grown for Christmas trees. In addition, the Concolor’s needles are longer than most firs – averaging 2-3″ in length and are quite soft while retaining enough stiffness for ornament holding.

We have a limited quantity of Concolor fir available.  Please contact us for more information.


Scotch Pine

For many years, the Scotch pine has enjoyed popularity as a Christmas tree due to its beautiful dark green foliage, stiff branches, and excellent needle retention.  It is an extremely durable tree that will not drop its needles even if it dries out.  Also, because it grows faster than firs, Scotch pine are usually less expensive.

Scotch pine is native to Europe and Asia, but was brought to the United States to be used as a Christmas tree.  It is an extremely hardy species which is adaptable to a wide variety of soils and sites. The needles of Scotch pine are produced in bundles of two. They are variable in length, ranging from slightly over 1-inch for some varieties to nearly 3-inches for others. Color is likewise variable with bright green characteristic of a few varieties to dark green to bluish tones more prominent in others. Because of its ease of planting, generally high planting survival and favorable response to plantation culture it has been widely planted throughout much of the eastern United States and Canada.

We have a limited quantity of Scotch pine available.  Please contact us for more information.